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Kurt Raschke

617 days ago
Marc E Session Leaders
Mark (
  • Dominick Tribone | MBTA
Patrick G New Mockup based on the newly released performance APIs will be demoed.
Marc E MBTA-Realtime (API and GTFS-r) 
MBTA-Performance API
Patrick G
  • Realtime performance metrics (currently only for subway)
  • Access to Historical data
  • How trains are performing
Marc E
  • open source platform built off GTFS and  GTFS-realtime
  • provides access to data about how trains are performing in addition to when
Carol S
  • 3  calls give you data
  • travel times (how long does it take to get from A  to B?)
  • Dwell times (how long are trains spending in stations?)
  • Headways (how long between trains at a station?)
  • Benchmarks derived from the GTFS schedule
Marc E
  • Ultimate goal is to provide dispatchers at the OCC with actionable information, schedule planners useful data for rebuilding better schedules
  • Happens to also provide riders with helpful measurements
  • Provides transparency about performance
Patrick G System is based on publicly available Schedule data
Marc E All realtime data is public - public feed is what's used to synthesize performance metrics
Arrival and departure events are logged, processing happens twice:
  • at start of day
  • realtime (from data being polled every 15 seconds)
Patrick G
  • Current Processing takes about a minute would like to get it down to 30 second latency
Passenger data input is half hourly from every station. Jay Gordon and Emily??
  • just an estimate currently not actual counts that add up to released numbers.
  • Used for weighting metrics relative to each other not for actual counts.
Marc E API Calls
  • Travel Times
  • How long does it take to go from A to B
Patrick G
  • needs origin and destination 
Marc E
  • Data about what vehicle did - updated every 15 seconds
  • Dwell Times
Patrick G
  • needs a stop and date & time range
  • optionally provide a specific route built this way so you can handle bus in the future.
  • {
  •     "dwell_times": [
  •         {
  •             "route_id": "Red",
  •             "direction": "1",
  •             "arr_dt": "1459292528",
  •             "dep_dt": "1459292603",
  •             "dwell_time_sec": "75"
  •         }
  •     ]
  • }
Marc E
  • How long are trains spending in stations?
  • Headways
  • How long between trains at a given station?
  • Daily Performance
  • What % of customers experienced good wait times?
  • What % of customers experienced good travel times?
  • Currently only available for lines as a whole - by date, by time
Paul S metric_result_trip - % of trains less than their scheduled headway - unweighted by passenger volume
Marc E
  • Current Performance
  • What % of customers are experiencing good wait times?
  • What % of customers are experiencing good travel times?
  • Useful for measuring/improving dispatcher performance
Patrick G Threshold Explanations
Threshold_id_06 may change from 10 minutes to something else.
Marc E Sample Performance Details
  • Synthesis of historical data NOT realtime
Performance Heat Map/Dashboard
Patrick G Showing headways that don't meet benchmarks.
Using stations API and headways API
Carol S Daily  Performance answers 2 questions: what % of customers are experiencing  good wait times? and What % of customers are experiencing good travel  times?
Can create a metric and then specify parameters.
617 days ago
Patrick G
  • People 
Adam Sherson- IT Manager
Dave  Faulkenberry- Lead Developer
Aaron Kaplowitz - Developer
Brian Gregg - Developer
KAdam W Suggested:
Guido S UMASS Amherst Transit IT 12 employees and 200+ students
76 Vehicles , Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) busses 18k pass/day @ peak
Patrick G 3.4 M pass a year
Students drive the buses, handle dispatch 
Students handle Data analysis and planning.
Using Rails and JS
Very hard to find stuff for small & med. sized transit companies.
Driver work swap to handle the class schedule of student drivers.
Made their own Realtime app & display.
Hastus - Route Modelling.
Guido S Attempting to use open source tools.  Using Test Driven Development.
Patrick G
  • Aaron 
Guido S Using a proprietary real time format (avail), wants to transition to GTFS
Patrick G Using Angular and Ionic 
Easily forkable, by just pointing to new Avail Rest API endpoints.
Using Google Trip Planning w/ PVTA GTFS
for TVs/DIsplays near stops.
Using realtime data like the Realtime App
  • Discussion
Check out tools like OneBusAway, or Transitime
The size of UMass Transit is perfect size for Dispatching.
Current Dispatching
Matt M Validation of GTFSRT and Analysis of accuracy can be difficult. Some companies and agencies are working on this problem but nobody indicated it was Open.
Patrick G Agile Development helps for helping turn Ideas into realities based on user's perspectives.
MTA found it best to ease people into Agile by asking for user stories in a specific format vs the Here is "Agile and you have to do it."
KAdam W Concern expressed that development from drivers-turned-developers, and reliance on CS and computing staff across campus puts "blinders" on potential UX/UI alternatives; potential strength of adopting a standardized backend infrastructure, stack etc is that it could provide a firm foundation for experimentation and discovery around interfaces, UI and app capabilities, leveraging more of UMass's other departments' expertise (design, art, etc)
FOSS4G - free and open-source software 4 geospatial. 2017's going to be in Boston, UMass team encouraged to participate/present

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