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Frank Hebbert

617 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Anna Stokes , Raphael Dumas , Frank Hebbert , Paul Schimek 617 days ago
Anna S Better data -> better planning
Better data -> more appropriate project prioritization 
Better data -> better streets
What kind of data is lacking?
Raphael D
  • Using existing counts to predict future need
  • Safety data
  • Real bicyclist injury data
  • not just police reports
  • Near misses
  • Recreational rides
  • not many commuters?
Raphael D
  • Explain yourself!
  • Seasonal bike usage
  • Logic of mode choice => how/why/when people change mode
  • Actual/Planned Infrastructure
  • cyclists frequently cross political boundaries
  • pedestrians too I guess
  • Bicyclist speed
  • instantaneous
  • avg vs. car
Paul S
  • What share of bicycling miles occurs:
Raphael D
  • Explain yourself
  • at night
  • against traffic
  • on sidewalk
  • Latent demand
  • Connections to transit
  • Demographics
  • gender
  • age
  • ability
  • confidence
  • stamina/max distance
  • Level of stress 
  • Street lighting 
Anna S What tools exist to collect this data?
Raphael D Crowdsourcing data
  • Bikeways for everybody,  crowdsourcing better biking infrastructure online. Backend could easily be modified for better ped/accessibility/anything infrastructure
  • used in NYC
  • Real people taking street level photos with their smartphones
Frank H
  • Bikeshare data 
  • usage data dumps
Raphael D
Frank H
  • Opt-in reporting (Nuride)
  • automated trip ending, asks if trip was successful
  • $50 sensor that you stick on a telephone pole (?)
  • PlaceMeter
  • started with old cellphones and now have their own dedicated sensor, processes a video feed in device, preserving privacy & anonymity https://www.placemeter.com/
  • Cambridge has bike counters - EcoCounter. 
  • Counts bikes if you go over the sensor in the bike lane. 
  • Has an open API (?)
  • other cell phone based options (511?)
Activity trackers
Raphael D
  • Human, like Strava but for humans
  • decent coverage for ~2000 ppl in NYC
Apps that require an account are a way to get to demographic info.
Low traffic stress street network analysis (GIS analysis).
Raphael D Modelling Software
Paul S Existing injury-related data: police reports, EMS reports, hospital data
Anna S How do you incentivize public participation/involvement in collecting/crowdsourcing this data?
Raphael D
  • Incentive programs - voluntary contributing coupons, etc. (nuride)
  • easy to use apps (always on)
  • Advertise on buses
  • Gamification/competition
  • Crowdsource input
  • e.g.: bike share stations
  • Neighbourhood cellphone pictures
  • Way to record existing conditions data 
Raphael D
  • On the ground surveying
Frank H Involving people is powerful!

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